Where do the Immigrants Come From that Settle in USA, Canada, and Australia?

The USA, Canada, and Australia are all in the top ten of countries that accept migrants to come and live permanently into their countries. They are often described as traditional countries of immigration due to the historical migration figures. Each of these three countries has actively encouraged people to settle permanently on a large scale […]

Countries Around the World That Accept the Most Immigrants – Part 2

Looking at the migration of immigrants all over the world there are certain countries that for whatever reasons take in far more permanent residents than others. Despite the tough stance Donald Trump’s administration has on this issue, the United States still takes in more immigrants than any other nation on the planet. In the number […]

Countries Around the World That Accept the Most Immigrants – Part 1

According to a survey by the International Organization for Migration in 2016, there are a top ten of countries around the world that accept immigrants into their borders. Many migrants fleeing violence in the Middle East and Africa settle in Europe as it is the closest haven, but still Canada and the USA are popular […]

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How to Get Involved with the Community in Your New Home

Moving to a different country can be an intimidating experience, but it may be necessary for your work, to stay near loved ones, or in order to improve your quality of life. Whether you have total freedom over where you relocate to, or your destination is dictated by work opportunities and accessibility, there is bound […]