19th Century Immigrant Shapes Our Future

19th Century Immigrant Shapes Our Future

Nicola Tesla was born in the territory of the former Austrian Empire in Europe. The physicist and engineer quickly developed into one of the most influential inventors of all time. Much of his discoveries and fundamental research have shaped the world of electricity into what we know it as today. Energy, magnetism, and alternating current

Colonization of America

Colonization of America

All the popular claims that the colonists simply discovered America as it is now are a myth. A major part of the current system of America is the result of an invasion of Europeans. In other words, the New World was created but not discovered. When we talk about the history of the North America,

Reasons To Be Multicultural

Although there are still particular bubbles of society who are adamant about keeping to their own, many of us are open to the idea of making society more multicultural. This is something that has been happening over many years as people immigrate from their own countries and come to spend extended periods in another. Blending

5 Myths About Immigration

Immigrants Ruined Their Country Now They Are Coming Here This is a common misconception by those unaware enough to not understand how much of the trouble in other countries begins. A great deal of immigration, especially mass immigration occurs because of wars, conflict and other injustices that threaten the lives of the civilisation, thus people

Trapped By Our Own Borders Part 2

What Is Locked In Any government official will tell you that borders allow us to sustain our own economy, which isn’t entirely false. By separating our world up we have essentially created ‘friendly’ competition (which when escalated becomes war) between each country. The money generated by one country and its countrymen through labour, taxes and

Trapped by Our Own Borders Part 1

We live in a world that is highly compartmentalised, whether we like it or not. From your race to your specific region, your gender and much more all have their own names and connotations that people will use to define you, they also will become part of your identity on paper as these are all


How to Get Involved with the Community in Your New Home

Moving to a different country can be an intimidating experience, but it may be necessary for your work, to stay near loved ones, or in order to improve your quality of life. Whether you have total freedom over where you relocate to, or your destination is dictated by work opportunities and accessibility, there is bound to be a settling in process when you first arrive.

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