Countries Around the World That Accept the Most Immigrants – Part 1

According to a survey by the International Organization for Migration in 2016, there are a top ten of countries around the world that accept immigrants into their borders. Many migrants fleeing violence in the Middle East and Africa settle in Europe as it is the closest haven, but still Canada and the USA are popular destinations for immigrants from all corners of the world. Here we look at the countries that take on the most permanent residents.

The United States

The US still takes more permanent immigrants into the country than any other country. In 2016, America accepted just under one million, two-hundred thousand migrants to live in the country permanently. These latest figures take the foreign-born population of America up to thirteen percent of the total population of America. The current president, Donald Trump has issued a number of executive orders seeking to curb immigration and increase border security. So, during his tenure it is thought that immigration figures will be lower.


During the same period in 2016, the country that accepted the second most permanent residents was Germany, accepting over one million people. This was a massive increase from the previous year, over 50%. This amount of immigrants has set off a massive political row, as Angela Merkel’s open policy to accept immigrants from Syria, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland swelled Germany with a large amount of permanent residents. It means that Germany now has almost a quarter of its population that were not born with German citizenship. Being at the center of Europe, Germany is particularly prone to migrants simply walking across its borders, and the open policy that Merkel’s government has followed has meant that Germany is now struggling with its own identity.

The United Kingdom

During 2016, the UK accepted three hundred and fifty thousand immigrants into the country. With the largest group coming from Romania. This was a decline of 5% over the previous year and the referendum to leave the EU was decided upon by the nation as a way to stop immigrants entering the country. Other nations that immigrated to the UK were Poland, China, and India. Britain has a natural barrier to stop immigrants entering the country from mainland Europe called the English Channel. And the recent Brexit vote is sending a strong message to the rest of Europe of Britain’s present feelings towards immigration.


In 2016 Canada broke all previous records concerning accepting immigrants into the country. Canada allowed just under three hundred thousand permanent residents to stay permanently. A vast majority of the immigrants crossing Canada’s borders were for economic reasons, and they were skilled workers and caregivers. Canada has a positive attitude towards immigration and is set to take in even larger numbers of immigrants in the next couple of years. But the country is struggling with the amount of asylum seekers that are arriving, and this has put a strain on the country as a whole. Despite all this, Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister has insisted refugees are welcome into Canada.

FILE- In this May 31, 2018, file photo, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a news conference in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada announced Friday, June 29, billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. in response to the Trump administration’s duties on Canadian steel and aluminum, saying Friday it won’t back down. (Patrick Doyle/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

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