Countries Around the World That Accept the Most Immigrants – Part 2

Looking at the migration of immigrants all over the world there are certain countries that for whatever reasons take in far more permanent residents than others. Despite the tough stance Donald Trump’s administration has on this issue, the United States still takes in more immigrants than any other nation on the planet. In the number two position is Germany with the UK coming third. There is a distinction between economic migrants and asylum seekers and there seems to be no correlation between the numbers. But countries with good social benefits seem to attract larger numbers than those that do not have social security and free health services. The fifth country on our list is France.


France is the third country in Europe to accept large numbers of immigrants to reside permanently. In 2016 over two hundred and fifty thousand immigrants entered France, and over thirty percent of them were from North Africa. Although it must be pointed out that only twenty thousand work permits were actually issued. France has been in turmoil in the last few years over the issue of immigration, and the two opposing parties namely under Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron have split the country into two over the issue. The pro-immigration party of Macron has eventually won but who knows what is in store in the future.

Ever since the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the people of France have felt vulnerable as the country has many borders with its other European neighbors. And because of EU regulations it is not necessary to show identification crossing land borders.


Australia is the sixth country on the top ten list that accepts the most immigrants. This is hardly surprising due to its economic situation and its geographical position. Just under a quarter of a million immigrants found a new permanent home in Australia during 2016, which was actually a drop from 2015 of one percent. The majority of migrants came from India, the UK, and China.

There were also thirty-five thousand applications for asylum from people from, Afghanistan, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Iraq. Australia has a very controversial policy towards refugees, as it pays the small island states of Papua New Guinea and Nauru to detain and house migrants before they reach the mainland. The conditions have been heavily criticized by international human rights groups. And today, Australia still refuses to accept asylum seekers that try to arrive by boat.


Our seventh and final country to accept immigrants from other nations is Spain. Spain has gone through economic turmoil over the last decade and cannot really afford to take any extra drain on its economy. But its geographical position and its former connections with North Africa and South America have made it a popular destination for people looking for a new home. In 2016, Spain accepted two hundred and fifteen thousand new permanent residents, which is a whopping ten percent increase on the previous year. The country is slowly coming out of recession and is now seeing the end of the global financial crisis.

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