Why Norwegians No Longer Immigrate into America

As the current President of the United States of America seems to be cracking down on immigration, there is one group of people who Donald Trump would dearly like to welcome into America that are refusing his invitation. Mr Trump’s comments on some of the countries and immigrants that are represented in the U.S have

Ideal Places for Brits to Emigrate

Want to live in a different country but not sure where to? Help is at hand. We offer you suggestions to suit your age and budget. Menorca or Alicante, Spain Menorca is a small Balearic island with many picturesque Mediterranean towns all the way around the island. Mahon is a busy town with a large

The Growth of Asian-Americans

America was once called a nation of immigrants, and to a certain extent that is true. The original and first immigrants were from Europe and countries such as Britain, Germany, Ireland, Holland, and Italy. But as time went on it was America’s near neighbors, the people of Latin America, that have become the majority of

The Advantages of Family Immigration – Part 2

In the previous segment for the advantages of family-based immigration we saw that half the companies in America’s high-tech industries were actually formed by immigrants, and these included the likes of Yahoo, Intel, eBay, and Google. And that big cities around the U.S were actively trying to encourage family-based immigrants to help grow their local

The Advantages of Family Immigration – Part 1

People having been moving from region to region for thousands of years, their reasons may vary vastly, for better economic fortunes or perhaps to escape persecution of one form or another. One of the biggest problems they face is being assimilated in their new home, to meet new people, understand the customs and laws. And

Reasons to Leave the UK Post Brexit

The UK declared that they would be leaving the European Union after the EU referendum in 2016. Since then the UK has been trying to negotiate deals with the EU in Brussels to agree trade legislation and immigration laws. However, so far a deal has not been found that was acceptable to parliament. This has

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