The Advantages of Family Immigration – Part 1

People having been moving from region to region for thousands of years, their reasons may vary vastly, for better economic fortunes or perhaps to escape persecution of one form or another. One of the biggest problems they face is being assimilated in their new home, to meet new people, understand the customs and laws. And one of the best ways to overcome these obstacles is to immigrate as a family unit, that way you take communal approach and have the family unit for support.

In 1965 the Immigration and Nationality Act stated that the reasons for immigration into the U.S must be based on work skill and family ties. This means that Green Card holders, or LPR’s (lawful residents) can bring their families into America. They have to be Immediate Relatives (not extended family), or they can be bought in by the Family Preference System.

The Economic Benefits

It has been recognized over the decades that immigrants that who come to America as part of a family unit contribute to the state economically and socially far better than single immigrants. Over a long period family-based immigrants have added a significant amount to domestic economic growth. They also set a platform for the future growth of the workforce, and indeed have proved themselves to be part of the upwardly mobile sections of America’s workforce.

Families are Crucial to the Incorporation of Newcomers

There is a distinct lack of public policies concerning the integration of new peoples coming into the U.S. Because of this immigrants tend to stay in ethnic communities to interact with the workplace. And often these communities form powerful institutions. Ethnic communities and families act as a critical resource for newcomers, they provide information and support to new immigrants. This could be helping them to find accommodation, finance, work, health and so on. So when newcomers enter America they already have resources to tap into, namely their families.

Family-based Immigration is Positive for the Community and Local Business

When immigrants arrive or join together as families they form strong communities, which often leads to business growth. Studies have found that such communities have eased the economic assimilation of newcomers and have a positive effect on the American human capital to help promote and form new businesses.

It is no coincidence that many of America’s most outstanding technology companies have been started by entrepreneurs that arrived as immigrants. This is proven by looking at the firms operating in Silicon Valley which is legendary around the world for high-technology businesses. Fifty percent of all these companies operating in Silicon Valley were started by immigrants, who entered the U.S on family-based visas.

Yahoo, eBay, Google, and Intel were all started by immigrant families, but interestingly none of them came to America because of the skills they already had. Some local governments and cities in the U.S have seen the benefits that family-based immigrants have brought to the country and places like Dayton, Detroit, Boston and Baltimore have actually launched programs to encourage immigrants to settle and help grow their communities.

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