Ways Immigration Helps a County’s Culture – Part 1

Is there such a thing as a global citizen? One that once had a homeland but has adopted different countries for temporary residence. Many people do this, travel all over the globe and not really belonging anywhere. These people normally do so to follow their careers and it is not out of economic or political reasons they travel to and from different countries.

Real immigrants are the people who leave their homelands to move to another country permanently. There can be many reasons for this, persecution, financial or just to have a better standard of life. Sometimes these immigrants are rejected by their adopted countries as they are perceived as a threat, and in some cases this is true. Immigrants often will work for less pay and take jobs that the natural citizens deem beneath them. Thus they are often thought as parasites by the workers of another nation. But many immigrants assimilate really well into their new home, and indeed add to the country’s culture and development. In this blog we look at how immigration can help a country and the positives it can bring.

Immigrants Can Expand Culture by Bring New Ideas and Customs

When you consider the U.S then you can see just what a multi-cultural blend of cultures and ideas it has become. This is due to immigration from many peoples over the centuries coming to the land of opportunities and succeeding. The American president himself said, Immigrants change the fabric of a society’s culture, and this is perfectly true. But what Donald Trump did not add that it was mostly for the better. Time also changes the fabric of culture, and it brings better technology, advancements in medicine, and better social media.

The truth of it all is that immigration changes things for the better, it bring new fresh ideas, looks at things in a different perspective, bringing art and literature with it. Trump was wrong, they do not eradicate culture they add to it and make it expand. If you want an example what immigrants have brought to America then consider Apple, Google, Blue Jeans, Hip-Hop music and Tacos. All these things were brought into the U.S or invented by immigrants.

Immigrants Can Improve the Economy

Through their hard work and entrepreneurship immigrants have improved economies all over the world. A great deal of research has been carried out that has showed the positive impact that many immigrants have had on their adopted homes. A real misconception is that immigrants take jobs from native citizens, but this is in the main untrue. Immigrants generally do not compete for the same jobs as native workers. Rather they complement the natural workforce and increase the productivity of the nation concerned.

Again taking America as an example the immigrant workers usually concentrate in the highly skilled STEM area. And have great expertise in industries such as software, IT, medicine and so forth. On the whole, immigrants make the economy grow, boost wages and increase profitability. In part two of this blog we look at even more benefits immigrants can bring to their new adopted countries.

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