Ways Immigration Helps a County’s Culture – Part 2

In part one of our blog to learn how immigration can be a positive thing for a country’s culture we saw the positive effect on an economy immigration can have. And how immigrants from different countries can bring new ideas and ways of thinking to their adopted home. Immigrants often bring with them their own art and culture that expands and intertwines what is already there. Think of all the great food America now has that has arisen because of immigration. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Taco, Tex-Mex, American Pizzas, Chow Mein… the list goes on and on. And immigration influence does not only touch on food, it affects many things such as art, music, literature, politics and overall the culture.

Immigration Can Fund Government Activity, Aiding All Citizens

In general immigrants become legal citizens of their adopted countries, and by doing so obey the laws and regulations of that country. So they pay taxes and expand the economy legally, these taxes help build schools, hospitals, libraries, the building of roads and water systems. These activities are for the benefit of all citizens and not just the immigrants themselves. It also has been muted that immigrants are less likely to use welfare than other citizens but as yet there is no documented evidence to support this claim.

Immigration Brings a Connected World

As immigrants move from country to country all over the world it brings a great opportunity for the learning of different cultures and ideas. Immigration does build a world that is more connected. And as you learn more about different cultures, religions and philosophies you can understand them much better. Perhaps it may be a cliché to say that immigration brings a connected word, but for the most part this statement is true. The world becomes more interconnected by every minute, the World Wide Web has a great deal to do with this closely aided by immigration.

Immigrants share their thoughts and ideas through their culture and actively engage in global commerce. They tell their friends and family back home about the culture of their new home, the good things and the bad. This interconnectivity can foster togetherness to defeat mankind’s problems, problems such as global warming, poverty, hunger and equality of gender and sexuality. Different people and cultures coming together forms a powerful collaboration that can be used to defeat many of today’s global problems

And immigration is a key part of all this, as immigrants cross borders and learn from different people the world becomes more open. When citizens of one country become more knowledgeable about citizens of another, a lot of the fear factor of the unknown disappears. And when there is no more fear then you can achieve acceptance and tolerance. In the concluding part of our blog to see how immigration helps a country’s culture we look at the actual immigrants themselves. How moving to a different country has helped and aided them, the benefits they have gained through immigration and the good it has brought them on so many levels.

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