Ways Immigration Helps a County’s Culture – Part 3

The final part of our journey to see the positive impact that immigration has on a country and how it also helps world integration concludes on the impact of moving to a new country has on the immigrants themselves. Many people are scared of immigrants because they feel that they are losing their own identity by the influx of a new people from a different nation. But if this fear is looked at logically, immigration is rarely a mass exodus from one nation to another.

There are exceptions to this in war torn areas of conflict, but by the term immigrant in this blog we are not looking at displaced peoples looking for political asylum. Rather we are looking at the most common type of immigrant, a person who moves from their homeland for a better life in another country.

Migrants keep warm with Red Cross blankets after arriving aboard a coast guard boat at Malaga’s harbour on December 7, 2017, after an inflatable boat carrying 47 men, 7 women and 1 child was rescued by the Spanish coast guard off the Spanish coast. / AFP PHOTO / JORGE GUERRERO (Photo credit should read JORGE GUERRERO/AFP/Getty Images)

Immigration Benefits Immigrants

In previous editions of this blog we have seen the benefits that immigrants have brought to their new adopted countries. How they have aided the economy, added taxes, brought new skills and ideas, and have shared their cultures.

But the primary reason for immigration is the enhancement of self, to live a better life. America has long been a destination that many immigrants from all four corners of the world have come to settle in. And in one way the United States is the perfect model how immigration benefits the immigrant and the country. The Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol that represents freedom, freedom from tyranny, hardship and shackles. And a symbol of a nation that opens its arms to new peoples, their ideas and their cultures.

Why do Immigrants Immigrate?

Immigrants move to different countries for many reasons, to reunite with family and friends, to seek different opportunities, perhaps to fulfill a childhood dream. Some immigrants such as refugees for example travel to new lands to escape persecution and life-threatening troubles back home. But in all cases, immigrants wish to resettle do so for a better quality of life, and this reason has never changed in the history of immigration. They wish to enhance their lot, to be accepted both socially and also legally where they are allowed to integrate with the other citizens freely and without prejudice.

Immigration is Here to Stay!

The early immigrants into America found it hard to assimilate, and to some extent this is still the case today. Nobody said leaving your homeland for a new country would be easy, it is exactly the reverse. Being an immigrant can separate you from your loved ones and family, it can tear you away from your culture and eat at your identity.

To forsake all this, immigration has to be worthwhile, otherwise there would be a mass exodus of people returning to their homelands. But this is rarely the case, there has been some filtration of immigrants returning home to their nations but this has never been on mass. Overall immigrants find what they were looking for by moving to a new country, and this is why immigration will continue.

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